Hi, I’m Eni or N, also known as “EN1GMAT1C”. I’m a digital artist and technical animator from the west side of the U.S.! I graduated from The Art Institute with a Bachelor’s of Science in Media Arts & Animation. I love to draw fuzzy animals, fantastic beasts and cool creatures! I enjoy geeking over the technical aspects of 3D character rigging & animation, with an interest in animating cut scenes, trailers and in-game character movement for video games. I’m armed with my creative tools and versed in a variety of software.

Besides art, my other interests include music trackers, playing old school video games, vintage computers and retro software, gardening, bike riding, reading books about dream psychology and learning of myths & urban legends of all cultures.

Feel free to peruse around my gallery of arts and check out my links. I’m always working on stuff behind the scenes so stay tuned for more future posts of my creative endeavors! Hope you enjoy your stay!