Terms of Service

**Note: Information subject to change over time**

(Last Update: August 2023)

~Please read carefully! If you order for commissioning, I will assume you have read and agreed to these terms.


  • Best & fastest way to contact is through my email: ([email protected]). Please do not DM me on my social medias, I don’t check those much and I don’t receive notifications for them either (for some reason).
  • Please be aware: I have a full time job of 10+ hrs each day, I draw on my time off work (6pm pST) & my weekends (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, 9-5pm PST). The time of completion will depend on my personal health & how my work week goes. However, I will do the best I can to deliver your commission as soon as I can!
  • In the case of any delays, I will email about updates of my status or publicly announce them on my BlueSky & FurAffinity pages.
  • Respect me and I will respect you. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated – Your commission will be canceled, your money refunded, and you will be blacklisted.

Subject Material

I am a SFW general artist, I have a wide range of subjects and versed in drawing any kind of character. I mostly do simple character illustration, but sometimes I am willing to do full backgrounds and scene pieces, it just depends on my time. Please take a look at my art galleries on Tumblr & FurAffinity to get an idea of my work. The following subject material are what I am and not willing to draw:


  • Characters of ALL types/species, shapes and sizes:
    • Animals, anthropomorphic beings, hybrids, beasts, monsters, humanoids, humans, aliens, object heads, etc.
  • Following types of characters I’m actually ok with drawing in general (nothing overly excessive):
    • Fat & big characters, fit/muscle defined, some size difference, fem/masc identified characters, fem-males & masc-female body types, transgender/gay/lesbian/ace (LGBTQA+)
  • Non-furry anthro: what I mean by this is any other anthro character that is NOT a full animal, part animal/object or animal-only hybrid standing on 2 legs w/o tail. Small discount for characters that aren’t ‘furries’ such as Gijinkas, Kemonomimis, humans/humanoids, some monsters, aliens, anthro plants, object heads etc. You can also ask if your character is considered Non-furry anthro based on my judgement.
  • Original characters wearing other character’s clothing/accessories, including those from video games, movies, shows, etc. Just ask!
  • Fan art, however for copyrighted characters, the commission must fall under Fair Use laws.
  • Some complex clothing/design: Armor, mechanical, weapons & accessories, please ask.
  • Mostly family-friendly Barbie doll/Disney-kind of nude anthro. I’m ok with male nip nops, I tend to revert to barbie doll nude, so please remind me if you want him with nips lol.
  • I’m fine with slightly suggestive poses/expressions (not over the top) and some pin up material, please ask first.
  • General to Moderate Gore & Violence:
    • Scars/scratches, Blood/wounds, missing limbs, bruising & some gut spilling (but will not do anything I deem too cruel). For violent themes, please ask.
    • Fake gore: Candy, plush, sparkle, flower, robotic & other non-realistic gore.
  • General to Moderate Body Horror:
    • Extra eyes, heads, limbs, floating/detached limbs, bones/skeletons, monster, shapeshifting & Unusual features in unusual places.


  • *Preferably no NSFW ref sheets please, if you don’t have another ref then at least have the decency to warn me.*
  • NO WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS by themselves without image references. You don’t need an official reference sheet, you can create a board with various images, point out important details and what characteristics that closely resemble to what you want ( like a collage/mood board).
  • NO NSFW material, adult/sexual themes, porn, weird fetishes-
    • Vore, preg, diaper, macro/micro, hyper, inflation, fat squish, excessive fat/muscle/size, body parts as main focus, harness, submission/dominance, illegal content and anything else that is uncomfortable for me to draw.
  • Excessive amount of accessories, colors and markings (ie. exaggerated sparkle dogs)
  • Hateful artwork: Discrimination/hateful themes towards a race, gender, sex, sexuality, religion, social status or any other group or individual.
  • Comics or Sequences
  • Reference sheet commissions.
  • Imitation of other artist art styles. (Please commission them instead!)
  • N F T s. No.

I have the right to decline any request I am not comfortable drawing. Feel free to ask me any questions for specific requests or things not mentioned!


Ordering & Payment

  • I accept Stripe & Paypal and payments through Ko-fi. I receive payment in USDs. I will not accept cryptocurrency or NFTs.
  • In the Order Form, the following information is required to submit:
    • Username: [username] @ [website name]
    • Commission Type: (Bustshot, Full Body, Character Page)
    • Character Ref(s): (links to reference images)
    • Description: (Detailed description of what you would like for your commish)
    • Comments: (Questions and comments go here. Optional)

How to Order:

  1. Decide what you would like. Then fill out an order form for me to review. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to provide all necessary information to complete the commission.
  2. Contact is done thru email, be prepared to receive one from me. We discuss the idea, ask/answer any questions. Preview thumbnail is made of idea given. Any changes to ideas, feel free to ask. You do not pay until you fully approve of the preview and I am ready to start.
  3. After approval, Payment is done upfront. >Please pay for your slot directly to my Ko-Fi commissions page here<.
  4. After payment, you will receive images of each step of the way. I will ask for any changes/additions throughout the Creative Process.
  • Don’t feel bad if I don’t answer to your order right away! It most likely means I am occupied. If I do not answer within a couple of days, it means I am Closed. Or your email wasn’t recieve/thrown in spam, which shouldn’t happen, but I’ll be checking my website forwarding system, Email to give me a bump and ask if I received it!

*If I do not receive payment to start or no more responses for 1 week, I will consider your order CANCELLED and reopen your slot for someone else.*


Creative Process

  • Expected time of completion: 1 week – 1 month
  • Thumbnail – I will make a little preview thumbnail of the idea given. Any changes to ideas is discussed in this stage. You do not pay until you fully approve of the previews.

After payment, you will receive images of each step of the way. I will ask for any changes/additions throughout the process.

  • Rough sketch
  • Line art
  • Colors – (final time to make corrections)
  • Final shading & render – (Artwork is declared FINISHED)


  • If I am unable to start your commission, or you canceled your commission before work has begun, you will be refunded the full amount paid.
  • I may cancel the commission any time for any reason, the commissioner may cancel any time for any reason.
  • In case you decide to cancel when work has begun, you will be refunded for the amount equivalent to the price of the stage process I stopped at, and given the unfinished artwork.
  • Once completed, Artwork is non-refundable.


  • I reserve the right to refuse service/cancel your commission for any reason and I am in no way obligated to give a reason in the case of refusal.
  • Unless stated otherwise, I retain all copyright to my artwork even if characters contained within the work belong to the commissioner. It is my right as the artist to post, distribute, copy (etc.) to other sites as promotion or display.
  • If the commissioner does not wish to have their commission uploaded for display, they have the right to tell me so and I will comply.
  • Artwork is to be used ONLY by the commissioner and those who own the rights to their character(s) contained in the artwork under Fair Use Laws.
  • The commissioner has my permission to physically print or copy their image(s) for personal use only (such as a badge, t-shirt, stickers, mouse pads, phone/desktop wallpaper etc.) and no profit is being made. This also means you are not allowed to mint into N F T s or train any A I image generators.
  • The commissioner may post their finished commission on any public gallery/art site as long as credit is given. However, I do ask you to not remove any signatures on the image.
  • Please DO NOT post the WIPs of the commission process.

●See Artwork Permissions for more information regarding use of artwork and permission to re-post